Why BAM cryptocurrency could reach exponential heights! — Inside 19 points as to why we think you should invest in the crypto BAM.

18 min readNov 24, 2021


BAM Introduction

BAM is short for Bamonyo and Bamonyo is the tokenized cryptocurrency of the eco-tourism project ‘Tiny Hotels’. This is a smart hotel chain designed with high-end and modern private tiny houses that will also be an entry door for the Metaverse which keeps this project right on trend. Small in size and in their footprints on the earth but immense in the customer experience they will bring. Simply put, the only currency accepted by Tiny Hotels will be the BAM token.

Why was Bamonyo (BAM) tokenized?

To understand this, we must come back to the “disruptive technological and financial revolution” that we are currently experiencing. Indeed, before, to finance such a project, you had to call on your banker or a private investor to whom you promised shares of your company or your project. Until now… a new ecosystem has hatched thanks to the power of blockchain. Project leaders now issue their own cryptocurrency and offer to sell to investors at the very beginning and then resell it as the project develops in order to profit themselves. Those who believe in the concept will be rewarded the most. This phenomenon is called an ICO which means “Initial Coin Offering”. In other words, an ICO is when a company issues coins (tokens) on the blockchain and allows investors to acquire them at an advantageous initial price. This alone is not sufficient to create the confidence necessary to raise the capital. Indeed, it is the fact that these tokens are traceable on the blockchain which makes them tamper-proof and therefore leads to the possibility of reselling these ICO tokens on the open market at a higher price. It is this authenticity that allows possession and resale with confidence.

Leveraging the power of Blockchain

So here we are at the end of 2021, beginning of 2022, without banks and investment funds between project creators and investors who see in cryptocurrency the long-awaited El Dorado allowing them to become a multimillionaire or even billionaire in just a few years simply by discovering good projects. You only have to look at the person who invested $8,000 in Shiba Inu and who 400 days later finds himself a multi-billionaire with more than $5.7 billion in value to understand the scale of this phenomenon. Yes all this is very real and all this is very possible because the infrastructure allows for it today. This infrastructure is made up of blockchains (authentication networks), wallets (wallets to keep coins and tokens) and exchanges (token and fiat exchanges).

● Blockchains to trace transactions (Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, etc.). Note, BAM was created on the Polygon blockchain.

● Exchanges to exchange coins for other coins or even traditional currency (Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Kraken, Gate, Huobi, Kucoin, Bitfinex, Crypto.com, Bitstamp, bitFlyer, Coincheck, Gemini, Bybit, Bithumb, Okex , Poloniex, Upbit, Coinone, Bittrex, Liquid, Coinlist Pro, LBank, Zaif, AscendEX, Okcoin, FMFW.io, ProBit, Korbit, MEXC, Blockchain.com, Currency.com, Phemex, BigONE, Tokocrypto, WhiteBIT, Indodax, WazirX, eToroX, Bitbank, WOO Network, CoinFlex, BtcTurk, CoinEX, Compound, Bitrue, Bitvavo, AAX, Paribu, Coinsbit, etc. And the list goes on.

● Wallets = wallets for storing and transporting crypto currencies (Metamask, Torus, Fortmatic, TokenPocket, Portis, WalletConnect, Bridge Wallet, Math Wallet, AlphaWallet, D’CENT Wallet, polySAFU, Verso, ONTO Wallet, Pillar, SafeBitcoin, BitKeep Walle , Coin98 Wallet, Liqualityn Minerva Wallet, Coinhub, Imtoken, MyEtherWallet (MEW), BeePay, Sapiency, etc.

It is with thanks to this brilliant and transparent infrastructures that eco-responsible projects like that of Tiny Hotels (the Tesla of the hotel industry) can flourish and prosper with incredible speed!

Welcome to Tiny Hotels

The chain of ecological hotels made up of private tiny houses. More precisely, the company innovated by creating the first smart tiny house model: the Tiny Home which will equip all its hotels. The company therefore uses innovation with sustainability in mind while creating these hotels:

● Modular (the units can be moved and the company can easily rent good plots instead of buying them. Indeed, the best plots are not necessary those for sale)
● Autonomous in electricity (ultra thin solar panels will be installed by Solar Cloth
● Autonomous in water (machines collecting water from the air will be installed thanks to GIWEH, the Global Institute for Water, Environment & Health)
● Connected to the Metaverse (Future proof and keeping right on trend)

So imagine yourself traveling in a different way soon. You will start the Zanzibar experience at the beachfront hotels comprised of Tiny Houses. High and low tides will make natural islands accessible to walk, where beautiful beaches will appear and disappear every day. In the evening you will retire to your Tiny House to continue your entertainment. An idyllic picture, without cash, without a bank and without money (fiat) problem because you will have had the good idea to invest in BAMs before the whole world discovers this cryptocurrency and BAM becomes a world reference and a safe haven.

The BAM token will be the only way to access all of the Tiny Hotels services (overnight stays, restaurants, sports activities, transport, etc.). A mobile application will allow customers to:-

● Pay in BAMs without constraint (since the application itself will take care of acquiring BAMs instantly on the exchanges).
● Change hotels free of charge and at any time without checking in or checking out.
● Order meals in advance.
● Book trips and all activities simply.
● Connect to the Metaverse.

19 Points as to why we think you should invest!

Now let’s get to the heart of the project as we focus point by point on all the reasons that lead us to believe that BAM should experience a real boom:-

1. The true nature of the token (= coin, = currency) which is referred to as a ‘Utility Token’. In other words, it is a token which has a real world use case as would a gift voucher for example. This guarantees a value in BAMs; which can be spent. In fact, the more hotels that are developed, the more BAMs will be purchased on the open market (=liquidity).

2. The hotel roll out strategy makes good sense because by reading in-between lines and listening to the company, it is clear that the company is considering leasing its land before eventually buying it. Which seems logical because the best plots of land are not necessarily for sale and moreover, a sale can often turn out to be longer than a rent. In addition, the manufacture of tiny houses in kit form from Zanzibar and to be assembled on site once the elements have been delivered makes the project roadmap completely plausible, which is 2022 = 100 hotels in Zanzibar, 2023 = preparation for globalization, 2024 = a total of 1,000 Tiny Hotels deployed, 2025 = 2,000, 2026 = 3,000, 2027 = 4,000, 2028 = 5,000, 2029 = 6,000, 2030 = 8,000 and 20231 = 10,000.

3. The total number of Tiny Hotels possible with a fundraising of 5 billion euros is higher according to our estimates than the 10,000 hotels that the company aims to achieve. Indeed, the company announces that its average price for the creation of a standard hotel of 5 tiny houses and a tiny indoor restaurant including a swimming pool is €500,000. This means that if we take 5 billion euros and divide that amount by 10,000 hotels, we arrive at €500,000 as the average price of a hotel. The ICO fundraising is therefore used to finance the hotels of the group. But as the group will have no debt, nothing will prevent it from creating more hotels with the profits generated.

4. The company is managed by a senior team with a highly a complementary skillset who is seriously involved in the day to day management of the project.

Here we introduce to you the 5 co-founders of the project



Vedat GEDIK is an expert in e-business and digital marketing. He is a manufacturer of technology and an industrialist in his vision of things. He co-founded a web agency that has designed several hundred merchant sites and an advertising trading platform between thousands of internet magazines across thousands of brands (Big platform for influencers to collaborate with simplicity with brands and communication agencies). He masters all aspects of digital marketing, in particular the hotel reservation element, “celebrity endorsement” (advertising with celebrities), the creation of a mobile application (the one intended for Tiny Hotels customers). User experience is at the heart of everything he does, as is marketing in general with top leaders in the cryptocurrency space. He aims with his team to carry out continuous marketing in order to guarantee a gradual rise in the value of the BAM.

Camille Semet

Camille Semet

Camille Semet has football in his DNA since he made it his profession before co-founding Tiny Hotels. Indeed, Camille is a player agent licensed by the French Football Federation. He is part of the sports agent firm USM Group headed by Christophe Mongai who has achieved no less than 1,200 contracts between players and clubs in his 22-year career (one of the most experienced football agents in Europe). Camille brings an exceptional address book to the company of more than 1,000 professional football players but also a full surrounding network such as other agents, club presidents, coaches, sports directors, etc.). The alliance with Vedat Gedik is not recent because they both collaborated on the development of the “Soccer Booster” system which allows the development of a database of personalities gravitating in the world of football. This system is now proven and it will allow them to go from an address book of 1,000 contacts to no less than 5,000 contacts by 2022. But Camille Semet is not just all about football! In fact, alongside his career as a sports agent, he has entrepreneurial experience in high-end home cleaning. He therefore has a huge experience of customer satisfaction. Camille has already surrounded himself with hotel and restaurant professionals to lead all the establishments of the group just like an orchestra conductor blends and marries all elements to bring everything together to perfection.

Guillaume Gabillet

Guillaume Gabillet

Guillaume Gabillet was born into the building industry, a world from which he graduated with flying colours. The building sites, the management of the workers onsite, the management of supplies, the safety, the relations with the suppliers, the relations with the architects, the project managers, etc. are all things he knows perfectly. But what characterizes Guillaume the most, apart from his abilities, is his exemplary way of leading and motivating people in the building industry. He is a precious asset to the team because, in the end, it is product that he will design that customers will experience. Note: Guillaume has already finalized the research and development of the Tiny House which is the group’s first model and at this very moment, he is working on the manufacturing of the production of this model.

Mathias POGBA

Mathias POGBA

Mathias POGBA is a professional football player and is a sibling of POGBA brothers, he is the twin brother of Florentin POGBA and the older brother of Paul POGBA. He is one of the main ambassadors of the project and is one of the essential links between football and the project. He brings a very large number of personalities to the projects (journalists, professional players, etc.). Mathias is a jack of all trades. He is passionate about music, dance, fashion and culture. A real strength for the Bamonyo crypto project because he brings the right atmosphere to Tiny Hotels which will produce life changing experiences.

Florentin POGBA

Florentin POGBA

Florentin POGBA the twin brother of Mathias and older brother of Paul is the 1st professional football player of the POGBA family. He first believed in the Tiny Hotels project when the idea was in its infancy. He is crucial to the team and his work has allowed Vedat, Camille and Guillaume to accomplish all of their initial goals. He participated in the selection of the technical team for the project, approved the first Zanzibar destination and participated in the development of the BAM marketing plan by inviting players from his inner circle to participate in the project. With Mathias, this is the number one strength and charm of the project. There is no doubt that Florentin will invite celebrities from all over the world that he knows to come and stay at the Tiny Hotels and be part of this amazing journey.

5. The leading team has already completed the research and development of Tiny Houses. This unique model will be used for all Tiny Hotels.

6. The project’s technical team of 15 blockchain engineers have designed one of the best ICO platforms on the market for investors to buy their BAMs: https://tokens.bamonyo.com. The team masters the very high levels of banking security and is led by two global blockchain references François de CHEZELLES and Julien BRODIER . Also it is worth noting that the team has planned everything in relation to the release of BAM tokens in wallets and exchanges since their platform manages all transactions on the Polygon blockchain. Thanks to this, they cover all aspects related to fraud, losses and possible errors during their ICO phase. It is extremely important to have thought of all this and especially to have addressed it, which is quite rare for an ICO. We can easily imagine that there are several years of work behind all of this. That being said, this is also understandable when we see of the size of the project. This achievement commands respect from the outset and is very promising for all future technology services. The follow-up after the release of BAMs will be done here on PolygonScan: Click here

7. The type of technology services provided by the company are likely to lead to an extraordinary surge in the price of BAM. Indeed we should expect to see this project experiencing spectacular growth (x100, x1,000, x 10,000, etc.) given the actual utility. In the case of BAMs, the company backed by Talium Assets has precisely provided for the creation of an ‘owner exchange’, which on this point, the company has a little head start since the technical engine of their exchange has already been achieved.

8. The skillful distribution of each element of the project found in the whitepaper. In relation to token distribution, the company keeps 4 billion for marketing and 1 billion for technological development:-

● Marketing: The purchase of the image rights of players (2.5 billion or 50% of the 5 billion). This is the amount that the company plans to spend on a 10-year scale. 10 years during which the company will be assured of benefiting from the images of the most influential personalities in the world. In other words, the more company establishes these crucial partnerships with celebrities, the greater the value of Bamonyo will increase. What is certain is that with 2.5 billion, the company will have plenty to entice the best athletes in the world. Perhaps you remember the incident of the Coca Cola bottle that Cristiano Ronaldo had moved during his press conference at the Euro? This simple gesture had triggered a global frenzy and moved something in the region of 4 or 5 billion euros on the stock market (article here). BAM could therefore experience serious bullish episodes following announcements of celebrity partnerships.

● Marketing: The sponsorship of sporting and charitable events (500 million, or 10% of the 5 billion kept). These events will lead to the attention of BAM and this will lead to increased value.

● Marketing: Media buying. In other words, the collaboration with crypto-influencers, promoters and advertising agencies (1 billion, or 20% of the 5 billion kept). These events will bring attention to the BAM and this will lead to an increase in value.

● Technology: The development of an exchange platform (500 million, or 10% of the 5 billion kept).

● Technology: Deep research and development of associated IT services (500 million, or 10% of the 5 billion kept).

In summary, a company with so much marketing should succeed in playing on the international stage and this should strongly contribute to the value of BAM soaring and reaching new heights. A x10,000 return should be seriously considered.

9. Three of the 5 partners have a professional relationship with football. It is an industry that they know well and also one of which is very difficult to enter in a professional capacity. In the case of BAM, who can doubt that the company is guaranteed to always be able to surround itself with the most prominent players?

10. The ability to produce quality, continuous media. From the start, we can see in the video that the team produced to promote the Zanzibar destination, an incredible mastery of audiovisual production (sounds, rhythms, atmosphere, script, etc.). Now imagine for a moment that similar videos are produced with Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappé or even Maître Gims. Don’t you think this will create an immediate buzz? Or, can you imagine a family Christmas in Zanzibar for a sports celebrity … Don’t you think that the information will be disseminated in the media all over the world and that again we will talk about BAM? These innocuous special episodes which could make BAMs soar.

11. The worldwide attraction of sports celebrities will definitely attract booking agencies, influencers and clients. BAM being backed by a tourism project, there is also no doubt that the customers themselves will produce tons of media and distribute them on their social pages (a bit like Tesla which does not advertise because its customers take care of it). We believe that the company will experience very strong growth thanks to its eco-responsible concept and this will undoubtedly contribute to the increase in value of BAM.

12. The fact that the project is useful and understandable by the general public is something never before seen in the world of cryptocurrency. Indeed, what could be simpler than understanding that BAM provides access to tourist services? We think that what is understandable is more easily adoptable to the general public, which says medium-term adoption of a currency triggers the arrival of investors such as pension funds, investment funds, etc. Also on the same subject, the company will be able to benefit from so-called “impact” or “green” funds that more and more private banks are setting up in order to satisfy their demanding and environmentally conscious customers. Here again the committed positioning of the project will help increase the value of BAM.

13. Finally, Tiny Hotels and BAM are talking about disrupting an industry. That, whatever one says about it, will attract the respect of the mass media; which will contribute to the development of BAM.

14. The platform of the company on which the ICO takes place accepts third-party coins in return for BAMs: BTC, ETH, SHIBA INU, BNB, Chainlink, MATIC, ABAT, AAAVE, AVAL, Dogelon Mars (ELON), etc. .

15. The appreciation of BAM by exchanges is also a real indicator of a big success potential. Indeed, to date (end of November 2021), the company has already received no less than 5 offers from exchanges to list the BAM token (Latoken, Coinstore, P2PB2B, Coinsbit, Hotbit). Kucoin, one of the top 10 exchanges on the market with 8 million users is also in an advanced research stage to list BAM. Other exchanges have also started to take an interest in the concept since the company is well rated on sites referencing ICOs. We asked the company to comment on the subject of exchanges and here is their response: “We know perfectly well the expectations of the exchanges and this is the reason why we first worked on our marketing so that the BAM is adopted massively by the users. Exchanges.. It is technically not very complicated to be listed in an exchange since our base is an ERC-20 standard, what is required is that users buy and keep the BAM. We work on advancing this point in order to provide our partner exchanges with strong announcements such as, for example, our numerous partnerships with sports celebrities”.

Also, and let’s not hide it, the BAM token which is worth €1 in initial offering has 18 decimal places behind the comma. In other words, nothing will prevent the company from suddenly releasing 0,000000000000000001 BAM in Airdrop to tens of millions of users in the exchanges in order to tell them all: “Hello, we are here, find out more about our project and the personalities behind the BAM project, etc.”. This could immediately lead to massive BAM trading. The company has not confirmed this point just yet. What she told us on the other hand, is that she was impatiently awaiting her director of the exchange pole who should take office in January 2022. This person will be responsible for increasing the listings of BAM on exchanges.

16. The company’s ability to bring together promoters and influencers on a global scale. Especially with its relations with such a large network of influencers.

17. The company has a real capacity to assert its message with mass media, which we are convinced will not be insensitive to the monitoring of such a project combining eco-tourism and sports celebrities. The company also plans to issue an international press release on the subject from 2022 in order to raise awareness among sports media in particular.

18. Perfect knowledge of their competitors and a clear strategy. Indeed, when we asked the company about their competitors, here is their response: “Yes, our competitors are Marriott, Accor, OYO, Jin Jiang, Huazhu, Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, Choice, BTH, Louvre Hotels, Radisson, Mövenpick, Fairmont, Mantis, etc. We are in a niche market and our strategy allows us to go wherever these groups cannot go. We remain focused behind our products just as Elon Musk was with his electric cars and we’ll focus on making people really appreciate them.”

19. The Metaverse part of the project opens a limitless door in customer experience. For this, the company will start to recruit a dedicated team to build something unique.

There are certainly other key points that escaped us and many others to explore, in particular the metaverse part of the project …
In short, the ambition, the network, the concept, the team, the technological mastery and the marketing are there. The community is also pushing behind the Bamonyo project. There is no doubt for us that BAM has extraordinary growth potential and especially in the knowledge that most crypto currencies will be accepted in the very near future in almost all hotels and restaurants around the world.

A 10000x therefore seems to us to be fully conceivable on a 10-year scale!

How can I invest in this ICO?

To acquire your BAMs through their Initial Coin Offering (before it starts to increase in value), nothing could be simpler, you go to https://tokens.bamonyo.com , enter your personal information, go to subscription, then buy your BAMs. Today the company accepts the following crypto in return for BAMs:-

BTC, ETC, SHIBA INU, BNB, Cardano (ADA), Avalanche AVAX, Chainlink, MATIC, ABAT, AAAVE, AVAL, Dogelon Mars (ELON), etc. The list is not exhaustive and you can contact them on a case-by-case basis if you wish to exchange a currency not listed above.

On the practical side, to transport your BAMs, here are some tips and tricks to import your BAMs into your Metamask wallet. First go to your settings and add the Polygon network. Here is the information you will be asked for:-

● Network: Polygon
● RPC: https://polygon-rpc.com
● ChainID: 137
● Currency symbol: MATIC
● Block explorer: https://polygonscan.com

Then click on “Import a Token”, enter in Token Address: 0xba8aea099525b831dea3e3ea91b5c0f2b8e82fd0, Token Symbol: BAM, Token Decimal: 18. By entering the token address, it should be sufficient and auto-populate the info.


You now have all the cards in your hands to move forward with this project and be part of something we think is quite special. We wish BAM a very long life and are very happy to have contributed to this incredible project from the very beginning! Crypto-influencers, do not hesitate to contact the company directly to become partners as we watch something amazing about to unfold.


Have any questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

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