What is Hive Token ($HIVE)?
Hive is a community-based charity token that helps to save honey bees around the world.

How does it work?
Hive token is a new community driven BSC charity token that has simple yet powerful tokenomics. With abilities such as static yield farming, and automatic liquidity acquisition, Hive seeks to build a community for people who want to help the world. At launch, 5% of the coins are put into a charity wallet, which will fund the community’s philanthropic endeavors.

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What makes Hive Token stand out among the crowd?

The vision for Hive is not just to develop a useless coin or a useless platform. Hive represents a community of people who genuinely want to do good in the world. We seek to build a platform where individuals, activists, and foundations alike can use the means of crypto to spread goodness.

Every week, the Hive team will orchestrate a community poll for foundations to donate to. At the start, these foundations would be focused on the welfare of bees, however, the theme will become community decided after a period of time. We will share our donations via social media to keep the community updated and to show our transparency.


● (35% Burned)
● 10% Tax on transactions (5% goes to holders and the other 5% goes to liquidity)
● By holding, you make your money grow. You literally make money while you sleep.
● Charity wallet, 5% belongs to the charity wallet, which donates on a weekly basis.

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Q1 / Launch
● Website Release
● DxSale Safe Launch
● First Donation
● CMC and Coingecko application
● Community AMA
● Smart Contract Audit

Q2 / Push
● CEX Listings
● Marketing Push
● Community Events
● Weekly AMA’s/Livestreams
● Live Donation Events
● Team Doxx
● Website Improvements
● Merch
● More Donations

Q3 / Future
● International Marketing- Campaigns
● NFT Drops
● Artists and Designer- Partnerships
● The Hive Network
● Secret Project



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Be the agent of change by joining their community. The world is in need of people who are willing to do good. It’s never too late to address these pertinent issues!