What is GLITCHY ($Glitchy)?
Glitchy is a token based on the Binance Smart Chain, where buyers & sellers get taxed on each transaction, which profits all Glitchy holders. A part of the tax goes toward increasing liquidity, and another part gets reflected to all holders. A percentage of this also goes to the maintenance wallet, which will help grow the project via marketing and development, while another percentage gets sent to the contract BNB balance. The BNB balance gets distributed to all holders weekly!

How does it work?

● SWAP — Buy Glitchy on PancakeSwap

● HODL — Hold them in your wallet, that’s it. No staking, no locking

● CLAIM — Rewards are distributed once a week. Go to the App to claim your BNB

>>Buy on PancakeSwap V2<<

No-Lock, No-Stake, No-Penalty

Glitchy does not require any external staking or locking of funds in order to generate rewards. Your Glitchy stays exactly where it should — in your wallet, earning all the time. As explained above, BNB Rewards are never penalized (except in the case of a sell, where your percentage of holding decreases and Rewards will decrease accordingly in the following claim cycle).

How are the claims calculated?

2.25% of all transaction goes to the Glitchy contract balance. Before every claim, the contract loop through the holders and distribute a % of the balance to every holder, proportional to the % of Glitchy they are holding.

Once every holder is assigned his part, the balance of the Glitchy contract gets transferred to the Glitchy Distribution contract. People can then claim and receive their BNB allocation.

What makes Glitchy stand out among the crowd?

It’s got to be their DAPP!
A web application accessible from any web3 compatible browser, on laptop, tablet or smartphone!

How would I personally see this going in the long run?

Glitchy is a very catchy name and the branding is very marketable. In the long run: 2–4 years, I would like see Glitchy hosting its own cross media platform. You’d be able to consume music, videos, articles etc.. on the same platform. Viewers would spend coins to access the content while the content creator receives coins for their work.


● 1% Reflection/Redistribution of Glitchy Tokens to Glitchy Holders

● 2.25% Added directly to the BNB Reward Pool

● 2.25% Added directly to a multi-sig Maintenance Wallet used for Marketing/Airdrop/Promotions

● 4.5% Added directly to BNB PancakeSwap Liquidity

● 16% of the supply is burned. The burn wallet also accumulates Reflection/Redistribution tokens like any other Glitchy wallet, and those are manually burned to create a constant slow deflation of supply.

● Accumulating LP Tokens are manually burned as soon as they accumulate to approximately 10% of the available liquidity.

>>Buy on PancakeSwap V2<<


May 2021
Make sure our content and online presence are up to par.

Jun 2021
Introducing the first GlitchAway! One of many insane giveaways to come.

Jul 2021
Reward system to liquidity providers.

Sep 2021
Exchange listings.

Oct 2021
Glitchy Sponsorships and Partnerships.

Dec 2021
Release of our new app, with a better design and functionality.

2022 +
Make Glitchy accessible to anyone and further grow partnerships as well as searching for new partnership/sponsorship opportunities.

>>Buy on PancakeSwap V2<<


Have questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

Join them on Telegram

Join them on Twitter

Join them on Instagram

Join them on Facebook

Visit their Website

Visit their YouTube Channel

Visit their Reddit Community

Claim using their DAPP

>>Buy on PancakeSwap V2<<

Binance Smartchain Contract: 0x75dffAf163D67591fDCa3907a50655dB3a5516Ed

Glitchy — A passive investment that rewards holders in BNB each week, simply by holding.




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