The Bamonyo Project is set to disrupt the Tourism Industry through the Tokenization of Tiny-Hotels

10 min readNov 4, 2021


The Bamonyo Project

The crypto space has exploded over the last year, with innovations like DeFi paving the way for new assets and altcoins to become more mainstream. Success stories like Shiba Inu and DogeCoin are providing retail investors with exponential returns and genuine opportunities to build life-changing wealth. One of the best ways for a cryptocurrency to gain widespread recognition and adoption is by having the technology that attracts customers and partners. One of the most intriguing recently confirmed collaborations is one where Polygon (MATIC) meets the hospitality and tourism industry to provide utility through the tokenization of Tiny Hotels around the world. Launching on the Polygon blockchain will allow the Bamonyo project expand and accelerate the to capitalize and scale in a very big way. This could be viewed as a power-play, but the Bamonyo team are not waiting around and I expect to see big exchange listings on the way as they become intrigued by the blossoming capabilities Bamonyo has to offer their customers. People who have seen the TV show “Tiny House Nation” will know this market is absolutely booming. Dedicated marketplaces have been put up to buy and rent tiny houses. As demand increases, Bamonyo is in a prime position to make an immediate global impact. Moreover, the concept is economically viable and practical to develop, as experts can take care of everything, with funding being tokenized and accessible to contributors globally.

Florentin Pogba and Mathias Pogba
Camille Semet, Florentin Pogba, Mathias Pogba, Guillaume Gabillet & Vedat Gedik
Florentin Pogba and Mathias Pogba

If you can dream it you can do it!

The joint venture started when Florentin Pogba, Mathias Pogba, Vedat Gedik, Camille Semet and Guillaume Gabillet created the the Bamonyo project. Their aim is to establish the standard of how a cryptocurrency and community should operate in the hospitality sector by creating the tokenization of Tiny Hotels. With this, the tourism industry is one step closer to a future free of financial, economic, and social restrictions. In the very near future, blockchain will be an inevitable element in our life and permeate a wide range of businesses, especially the hospitality and tourism industry. As people look for transparency, ease of use, sustainability and a brand they can trust.

Bamonyo’s first trial starts in Zanzibar, where the first demo hotel has been unveiled. Ultimately, the team aims to build 100 Tiny Hotels, which marks an important milestone to achieve. Zanzibar, consisting of three islands, is a good start point. The local populace appears accommodating, and Zanzibar has a sunny climate. The tiny hotel factory is based there because a qualified workforce is still relatively cheap, and the team can source top-tier plots from the villagers. As more of these hotels are built, they can begin generating revenue to help build more hotels in other parts of the world. Bamonyo is a snowball effect that just needs to get started. Its growth potential is virtually limitless, as these operations can sustain themselves once construction has finished and revenue begins trickling in. It’s important to note all these tiny hotels are energy self-sufficient, and drinking water comes from ambient air and the ocean.

Meet the Team

The core team comprises of 2 footballers, a digital marketing manager, a soccer player agent and construction specialist.

Florentin POGBA
Aside from his demanding football career, POGBA is fully involved in the project’s conceptualization. His international football image will boost the marketing efforts of the project. Because of his football experience, POGBA has in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry which he brings to this project.

Camille Semet
A very well known soccer player agent who is passionate about the hotel industry. He is connected to over 1000 players that he’s partnered to boost the inevitable success of the project. The project has 2.5 billion tokens earmarked to buy the image rights of famous players who have connections with Semet. Through a promotional campaign, partner players will be invited to the brand’s hotels to make videos that will showcase what the business offers.

Guillaume Gabillet
He brings extensive experience in project design and construction, which is the base of the tiny hotels project. He is highly experienced and skilled in earthworks, construction of swimming pools, solar panel installation, and the overall development of tiny houses.

Vedat Gedik
He comes with vast experience in marketing. He co-founded a web agency that built many online sales platforms and a famous platform for 5000 influencers and 5000 brands and digital agencies. Besides digital marketing skills, Gedik brings a wealth of knowledge in business development skills, including token listings, partnerships, and bookings.

Mathias Pogba
Mathias Pogba is also very successful professional footballer who plays as a forward for French club ASM Belfort. Mathias joined the core team and will use his influence, substantial network connections and in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry to ensure this project is known globally.

Using Celebrity Influence to Drive the Project

This star studded team abundantly exudes a level of entrepreneurship and finesse couple with their celebrity influence. With a mission to change the way new investors view crypto, they pride themselves in transparency. Entrepreneurs must be visionary, perseverance, tough, determined and positive minded. Their constant drive for success is evident through their professionalism and innovation which lends itself nicely to this project. Each team member has extensive experience in their respected field and each have the following and influence to attract a wide variety of customers which is sure to push this project to experience exponential growth. The team have access to a database of over 1000 Players that will easily translate to 5000 strong contacts through their ‘Soccer Booster’ system. It’s clear to see this will disrupt a sector of activity bringing symphony from mass media which in turn will send this project to heights never before seen in this space. Each player will receive BAM tokens as payment to use their image rights driving traffic to exchanges, encouraging trading, while also providing the community with unique images of the worlds top players.

Crucial Partnerships To Spread The Bamonyo Word

A project like Bamonyo can only succeed through sustainable and beneficial partnerships. Additionally, there needs to be a huge marketing drive. Therefore, the team opts for an intriguing approach, as Bamonyo will contact hundreds of football players. The project is spearheaded by Florentin and Mathias Pogba, two successful footballers that can bring substantial network connections to the table. Their involvement can bring massive media attention to Bamonyo, adding another layer of value to the BAM token. Furthermore, Bamonyo has a partnership with the Global Institute for Water, Environment & Health (GIWEH). It will allow the team to organize conferences in the United Nations and benefit from this network and press reach. Bamonyos’ excess water will be redistributed for free to residents behind the hotels, adding a layer of eco-friendliness and giving back to the community. Tiny Hotels will also be able to use its free electricity to do cryptocurrency mining below the tiny houses which is sure to attract any crypto connoisseur and gives way to an increased income, reduction in price for overnight stays, or to better remunerate the team for quality local services all feeding into the one ecosystem.

How Blockchain Technology can Transform Hospitality and Tourism

Tourism and hospitality are the most open industries for cryptocurrency. The problem of converting money with minimum losses is very acute and BAM cryptocurrency is the solution that will address this problem. With the current system there is a lack of transparency. Transactions on a blockchain are both immutable and transparent. This is because all transactions are recorded within the Polygon blockchain in public view which is fully indisputable. The Bamonyo team offer a sustainable solution to power a “Green Business” model and use this as an opportunity to get ahead of the game by embracing the technology that is set to impact every industry right across the board.

The Bamonyo Business Solution

The more I read about this project the more I knew I had discovered a rare find. Finally a project that could disrupt an entire industry. The Bamonyo Team plan to build hotels all around the world in a very short period of time. The revenue from each of these hotels will be used to build more and more, leading to 1000’s of sustainable Tiny Hotels dotted across the globe. Sustainability and scalability at its very best. Through tokenization funding they will deliver thousands of hotels very quickly. They have laid the grounds for an innovative concept of hotels composed of luxury mobile homes on trailers called tiny “houses” while leveraging talented architects, carpenters, metalworkers, plumbers and electricians to make this a reality.

The Bamonyo Utility Token ($BAM)

Powering the entire Bamonyo economy is BAM, the tokenized utility asset of Tiny Hotels on the Polygon blockchain. The utility token grants holders access to all Tiny Hotels services, including transport, dinner, breakfast, and activities. In addition, the asset provides a great opportunity for exchanges to add this currency to their offerings, as the trading companies can utilize the image rights of all players. The Bamonyo team has begun distributing BAM tokens to both football players and celebrities for their images. It is a different group to cater to, although it will provide many benefits to gain more exposure. Celebrities and football players can become “brand ambassadors” by having their images show up worldwide, bringing more validity to the project and potentially increasing the BAM value.

More importantly, the support from football players and celebrities creates a network of millions of genuine fans, which can bring ample traffic to exchanges where BAM tokens can be traded. Thanks to a solid plan of action and a strong focus on outreach and community, Bamonyo can easily get on the radar of Tim Draper, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, or other individuals who are already on board with cryptocurrency. The snowball effect this project can generate can quickly become monumental, and the initial value of 1 euro per BAM may not remain that low for long. That snowball effect also applies to exchanges and trading platforms looking to facilitate access to the BAM token. There is a tremendous first-mover advantage ripe for the taking.


● 100 hotels in Zanzibar.
● Custom App to access hotel services.
● Streamline the factory process of building the tiny houses in kit format.

● Start worldwide development by identifying plots, partners like local architects for permits.
● Reservations of plots, and starting sending their first tiny houses in kit format.

Target > get 1000 Tiny Hotels in total

Target > get 2000 Tiny Hotels in total

Target > get 3000 Tiny Hotels in total

Target > get 4000 Tiny Hotels in total

Target > get 5000 Tiny Hotels in total

Target > get 6000 Tiny Hotels in total

Target > get 8000 Tiny Hotels in total

Target > get 10,000 Tiny Hotels in total

How can I invest in this ICO?

Currently, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for the Tiny Hotels project is in progress.

Token Distribution
● Total Supply: 10 billion BAM
● ERC-20 on Polygon network — See contract address HERE
● 5 billion BAMs are available for sale.
● 5 billion BAMs kept by the Tiny Hotels Group for marketing and technical development purposes.
● The initial value is €1 for 1 BAM.
● Tokens available to purchase via their WEBSITE
● Tokens will be available on exchange platforms very soon.


Have any questions?

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