SHIBORG INU: Ushers Meme Tokens to a New Era by Fighting to Maintain Balance in the Crypto Universe

What is Shiborg Inu?

A Cyborg Shiba Inu dog from planet Shibamoon X1000 is about to shake things up in the world of decentralized finance. Powered by a finely tuned contract coupled with a cybernetic organism, Shiborg Inu at its core is a frictionless yield token which will yield you a generous passive income through static reflections. The team at Shiborg Inu have implemented proven tokenomics without taking the shortcuts, bringing fun, decentralization, transparency, and safety for all investors.

Aside from laying the grounds for an innovative and realistic roadmap, Shiborg Inu is very much a community-driven project, reflecting not only Shiborg Inu rewards, but also the ethical and charitable status of their project and long term goals. The developer and team have worked tirelessly to build a community of investors focused on the long-term future of the project, enjoying a passive income from their hold, whilst being involved in the development of their web presence and advertising strategies. The team have proven that do not shy away from a challenge, so be prepared to see new features added as they go alongside their meme NFT Platform, Incredible NFT designs, Mobile App with Wallet, Meme Token Exchange and Shiba Inu Swap as per the roadmap. Come along for the ride as we watch Shiborg Inu grow in its epic pursuit to maintain the balance in the crypto universe.

How does it work?

Shiborg Inu tokemonics work by taking a tax fee on every transaction. 2% of each buy and sell fee is redistributed to every wallet that holds Shiborg Inu on a percentage basis. Each holder will secure a generous passive income in the form of Shiborg Inu tokens. By just simply holding Shiborg Inu in your wallet, you will yield a passive income.


● Date: Friday 29th October 2021
● Platform: UNICRYPT


⭐️ Assimilation Instructions ⭐️

● Requirements: HOLD either 50 UNCL or 3 UNCX on Unicrypt (you can buy it on pancakeswap)
● Manually connect your wallet with the link given.
● Presale link will be shared and pin on the top of the chat nearing to the presale date and time to avoid anyone putting value into the Liquidity Pool (LP)
● Buy with: BNB (Bep-20) Smart Chain

● This token will launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
● Keep an eye on the Website and Telegram for further info

Is this a SAFE project?

● Successfully Audited by SOLIDProof — See HERE
● Contract verified by BSCScan
● This team is very well known and have extensive experience in this space
● Liquidity will be Locked
● 8% of each transaction goes to Liquidity to maintain price stability
● Dev and team are very active on Telegram
● Clear and transparent Team
● Strict anti snipe/bot measures
● A great long term investment poised for growth
● Rug-proof team
You are in SAFE HANDS!

● Not financial advice. Be sure to do your own due diligence.

Can you tell me something about the team?

Each team member has extensive experience in the crypto world and each bring a unique quality to ensure the project’s success. The Shiborg Inu developer is very well known in this space and maintains a good presence and continues to maintain a daily presence on their Telegram.

The marketing team have proven themselves through their passion, relentless aggressive marketing techniques and to top it off, the actual results they have achieved to date. Their portfolio construct is primarily driven by their focus on improving security within the Decentralized Finance Industry and are always pushing boundaries to ensure a healthy balance is achieved. As a result, only the best brains and brilliant minds with proven track records of success have come together to achieve this landmark feat. This project is real, the team are real… they are most definitely here to stay. This is one you do not want to miss!

Shiborg Inu Meme NFT Platform and Collectibles

What is an NFT?
In layman’s terms, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset, just like Bitcoin or other forms of digital currency, that indicates a certain address on a certified blockchain, an ever-growing digital receipt detailing the object’s transaction history. However, unlike a US dollar or Bitcoin, which are both fungible in that they are mutually equal in value and maintain their worth when exchanged, an NFT is entirely unique to itself and therefore is used to identify a unique object. In essence, no NFT is equal to another in its utility or form. This is why they can become so valuable and why the Shiborg Inu team are ahead of the game here by creating the future of NFT trading and collectibles. Keep an eye on their roadmap as this will be a big one!

What makes Shiborg Inu stand out among the crowd?

There are multiple reasons in my opinion!
● Exclusive Meme NFT platform
● NFT Art with incredible designs
● Mini Games to earn tokens
● Shiborg Inu Swap
● Unique Meme Token Exchange in Phase 5
● Mobile App with Wallet
● 3 brand new Teslas given to loyal holders at 100 Mil MC
● Cool Shiborg Inu Merchandise Store
● Exclusive DEXTOOLS Ads
● Regular Charity Giveaways
● Amazing Tokenomics driven towards rewarding the holders
● Extremely ethical project with investor safely in mind
● Targeting CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap & Exchange listings
● Community Driven project with big promotional giveaways
● Relevant to current trends
● Designed for longevity
● Aggressive marketing drive
● These guys bring the right energy and passion to make this a success
● One of the best communities I’ve seen so far at such early stage
● This is a HIDDEN GEM of a project and one I was VERY happy to come across
● Shiborg Inu is getting a lot of hype right now
● Get in early as the list goes on…


Phase 1
● Design, Graphics
● Development (Contract, Website)
● Presale
● Launch
● Airdrops, Giveaways
● Big Marketing Campaigns
● Coingecko Listing
● Coinmarketcap Listing
● 5000 Holders

Phase 2
● More Marketing Campaigns
● Influencer
● Various Adds, Social Media Presence
● Great Promotions for the Community
● 10.000 Holders

Phase 3
● Big Airdrop Campaign
● Cool Merchandise (Clothing and other items)
● 25.000 Holders
● Special Marketing Campaigns
● Centralized Exchange Listings

Phase 4
● Big Marketing Plans
● Mini Games to Earn Tokens
● Spacial Meme NFT Platform
● More Tier 1 and 2 Exchange Listings
● 50.000 Holders

Phase 5
● Mobile App with Wallet
● Own Unique Meme Token Exchange!


Have any questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit |

Keep your eye on Shiborg Inu… this is one to watch!



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