($SGE) Society of Galactic Exploration: Bringing an NFT Smart Platform to the Ethereum Platform

What is the Society of Galactic Exploration ($SGE)?
$SGE is a foundational ERC-20 token that will offer investors the opportunity to explore deep space as they soar to new heights. The intense gravity of your wallet will pull in millions or billions of tokens through their 3% redistribution rate. The longer you hold, the more it grows!

What makes $SGE stand out among the crowd?

There are multiple reasons in my opinion!

SGE is a fast-growing, deflationary token with an outstandingly strong community and a genuinely incredible use-case

They are launching their very own:-
They are launching their very own:-
● NFT Platform (partnered with BLOCKCHAINAPPFACTORY to achieve this)
● Mobile App
● Advanced Technology to control remote telescopes right from the SGE mobile app.
● SGEX Full Crypto Exchange (coming next month)

The list goes on….
● Listed on Hotbit
● Listed on Bitmart
● Partnership with Down Under Observatory
● Blockchain contract auditing
● One of the most active communities I’ve ever seen

What is an NFT and why is this good idea?
In layman’s terms, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset, just like Bitcoin or other forms of digital currency, that indicates a certain address on a certified blockchain, an ever-growing digital receipt detailing the object’s transaction history. However, unlike a US dollar or Bitcoin, which are both fungible in that they are mutually equal in value and maintain their worth when exchanged, an NFT is entirely unique to itself and therefore is used to identify a unique object. In essence, no NFT is equal to another in its utility or form. This is why they can become so valuable and why the Society of Galactic Exploration are well ahead of the game!

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SOGE has now been fully relaunched to SGE!

What is their overall goal? This is VERY impressive!

A cryptocurrency that celebrates space exploration
SGE is a foundational ERC20 token that was developed to celebrate and encourage space exploration amongst the masses.

THE SGE NFT PLATFORM will enable space, science, and technology enthusiasts to share their developments and creativity with the public.
THE SGE MOBILE APP will bridge the gap between space exploration and society.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY will allow investors to control remote telescopes from the SGE mobile app.

Is this a safe project?

● The team is doxxed
● The project was audited by Solidity Finance with NO SECURITY ISSUES
● This is a safe and a great long term investment

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What is this and what will this include?

SGE Blockchain Services launched as an agency from the SGE token. The founder of SGE has chosen a team of blockchain professionals to set a new and necessary standard in the world of cryptocurrency. To learn more about the origins of SGE, check out the site by clicking the link below.

SGE aims to change the way that cryptocurrency contract audits are performed. Existing auditing services fail to warn the public about risky tokenomics and underlying issues. Our professionals are paving the way for an acceptable and trusted auditing service. You can learn more about our auditing service and other services below.

SGE token has expanded their footprint into the world of blockchain development. In doing so, our community trust is further enhanced and a portion of all profits will benefit developments and expansion of the SGE token.


April 2021
● $SGE initially launched under the token name $SOGE. Through rebranding and efforts required to protect future investors, the token was relaunched with the ticker $SGE.

May 2021
● Achieve 5000+ Investors, Bitmart listing (May 27th), Coingecko, Partnership with Erience Solutions to develop the SGE NFT platform, and a partnership with Down Under Observatory.

June 2021
● Launch $SGE NFT Platform, SGE Blockchain Services, CoinmarketCap Listing, $SGE app prototype version one, and launch on additional exchanges.

July 2021
● Partner with additional observatories, launch V2 of the SGE mobile app, and acquire new partnerships.

August 2021
● Begin constructing the first $SGE observatory office and expand the $SGE team.

September 2021
● Launch the final v3 version of the SGE mobile app on both android and apple marketplaces.

December 2021
● SGE will launch a hardware wallet into space containing 1 SGE token for every person on Earth. Join SGE at the Base 11 Space Challenge on December 31st to watch us make history with the Space Concordia team.

January 2022
● SGE will branch out and form a space development/research team to further pursue our mission of exploring the universe.


● 8% Tax per transaction
● 3% Redistribution / Burn Tax
● 5% Marketing / Development Tax


Have questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

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Visit their YouTube Channel

Listed on CoinGecko


>>Buy on Uniswap<<

Keep your eye on $SGE… this is one to watch!



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