Puffies: Bringing an exciting new NFT-based online video game to the Ethereum Blockchain

What is Puffies ($PUFF?)
Puffies is a NFT-based online video game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Inspired by Plants vs Zombies, players get to earn tokens through simple gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Join the community in building a garden palace to breed rare plants and Puffies which can be exchanged for $PUFF tokens.

How does it work?

Players can earn $PUFF tokens by:

● Competing in PVP battles to win leaderboard prizes.

● Growing rare plants/flowers and feeding Puffies.

● Breeding Puffies and selling them on weekly Yard Sale.

Breeding Rare Puffies

● Players will have to use their tokens on our Gachapon machine to breed their very first Puffy.

● Puffies are categorised by different rarities and are random with different abilities.


World of Puffies Presale Details:-

BUY HERE (This is the only official link to purchase PUFF tokens)

● Date: 5th August 2021, 2PM UTC
● Max cap of 5 ETH per participant
● Listing price on Uniswap will be 20% higher than Presale price to encourage demand
● Sale will be raised on safu.investments
● Liquidity will be locked automatically

● Keep an eye on their Website and Telegram for further info
● This token will launch on Uniswap

Is this a SAFE project?

● Dev is very active on Telegram
● Liquidity LOCKED
● Contract verified
● Clear and transparent team
● A great long term investment poised for growth
● This is a safe and a great long term investment
● Rug-proof team
You are in SAFE HANDS!

What is an NFT?
In layman’s terms, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset, just like Bitcoin or other forms of digital currency, that indicates a certain address on a certified blockchain, an ever-growing digital receipt detailing the object’s transaction history. However, unlike a US dollar or Bitcoin, which are both fungible in that they are mutually equal in value and maintain their worth when exchanged, an NFT is entirely unique to itself and therefore is used to identify a unique object. In essence, no NFT is equal to another in its utility or form. his is why they can become so valuable and why the Puffies team are ahead of the game here.

● Token Ticker: $PUFF
● Token: ERC-20, ETH


Have any questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Buy Presale |

**Immersive blockchain arcade gaming | PVP | Compete to earn**

Keep your eye on Puffies… this is one to watch!




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A Crypto Publisher for all things blockchain!

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