Penny Token: Introducing the first Decentralized Multi-Chain Token Built for Freelancers

What is Penny Token (PENNY)?
Powered by a finely tuned contract, and a healthy dose of cuteness, Penny Token at its core is a high emission deflationary token which will yield you a generous passive income through static reflections. There is a 6% tax rate on each transaction. 2% is permanently burned from the supply. 2% is distributed to holders. 1.5% is sent to marketing wallet to ensure the growth of the project and 0.5% goes to the protocol validator. This is a first of its kind token that calculates all the burning fees from transactions across all networks and spreads rewards to stakers to the network they are currently staking their tokens. The first three networks where Penny will be minted are BSC, ETH, and POLYGON. Penny is a utility token and can be use as currency on their Freelance Marketplace.

Behind the Penny Code

With an eye towards true innovation, coupled with a deep passion for cutting edge technology the Penny Token team have laid the foundation for quite a unique Freelance Platform. This token will utilize multiple chains and leverage their Protocol Validator as a crossroads between all chains and transactions. This Protocol Validator allows the burning and minting of tokens on each network opening up more options, opportunities and benefits to holders. As an early investor you are joining the most exciting new DeFi project being launched not only on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but multiple chains including the Ethereum and Polygon network. Penny Token is not just another meme token, to the contrary it is the result of years of careful study and analysis on what makes an extremely successful project and how to maximize investor returns, community engagement and ultimately provides a real world token utility through their Freelance Platform. Giving priority to unique contract code, protocols and utility they are sure to change the landscape of blockchain economics. You can lock your tokens into their Penny Bank on a seven day staking period, to earn more $Penny through their staking program. This team seems to be driven by data and is certainly informed by insight as they seek to bring innovation into everything they do.

Community Driven via Proposal

Aside from laying the grounds for an innovative and realistic roadmap, Penny Token is very much a community-driven project, with a strong ethical status coupled with their driven focus on improving the Decentralized Finance Industry. They understand that investors today are no longer investing in the same copy-cat meme coins of yesterday, but are looking for innovation, talent, utility and transparency. They have answered this call and their community will lead the next generation that will maximize community support and resources which they will continually evolve and add to their growing ecosystem and marketing functions. Penny Token will never become stagnant or complete as long as there’s innovation and talent driving their team and community to new heights. They’ve cleverly introduced a proposal and voting system implemented within their App. Holders that have acquired over 100,000,000,000 tokens will have the option to send a proposal. The other users that stake tokens have the option to vote for it. If the proposal is approved, they will go in that direction.

The developer and team have vowed to work tirelessly to build a community of investors focused on the long-term future of the project, enjoying a passive income from their hold, whilst being involved in the development of their token through proposals, web presence and advertising strategies. The team have proven that they do not shy away from a challenge, so be prepared to see new features added as they go, alongside the launch of their freelance marketplace, stake to earn, and lots more as per their roadmap.


Whitelist Contest has officially started!

Win a chance to get on the whitelist by completing the form HERE

● First prize 0.5 BNB
● Second prize 0.2 BNB
● Three random winners of 0.1 BNB
● Winners will be announced on the 16th of November.

● This token will launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
● Keep an eye on the Website and Telegram for further info

Why create a Decentralized Freelance Platform?

● The very first decentralized freelance marketplace with no middleman
● Payment in multiple cryptocurrencies
● Lowest fees using Penny Token as the payment option
● Very low tax compared to centralized freelance platforms
● Financially attractive to freelancers
● Simplified for ease of use
● Work from home or anywhere in the world

Freelance Statistics, Trends, and Insights

As we delve deeper into the digital age, the global workforce is beginning to see some major trends. For many, going into the office to punch in for a regular 9 to 5 workday is becoming a thing of the past. Many professions allow workers to find independent contractors who will pay them generous sums to do their jobs remotely.

With the pandemic placing restrictions on workers’ mobility, remote work has become more and more attractive, thereby putting further emphasis on freelance work. Many are beginning to see the upsides of freelancing, as it provides flexibility for work hours and allows workers to live wherever they want.

Is this a SAFE project?

● This team is very well known and have extensive experience in this space
● Liquidity will be Locked
● Dev and team are very active on Telegram
● Clear and transparent Team
● Strict anti snipe/bot measures
● A great long term investment poised for growth
● Rug-proof team
You are in SAFE HANDS!

● Not financial advice. Be sure to do your own due diligence.

What makes Penny Token stand out among the crowd?

There are multiple reasons in my opinion!
● The very first decentralized freelance marketplace with no middleman
● Innovative custom contract
● Validator Protocol to act as a crossroads for burning and minting between networks
● Stake to Earn more Penny Tokens
● Community Driven and voting Proposals via App
● Amazing Tokenomics driven towards rewarding the holders
● Real world use case project
● Targeting CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
● Relevant to current trends
● Designed for longevity
● Aggressive marketing drive
● These guys bring the right energy and passion to make this a success
● One of the best communities I’ve seen so far at such early stage
● This is a HIDDEN GEM of a project and one I was VERY happy to come across
● Penny Token is getting a lot of hype right now
● Get in early as the list goes on…

Can you tell me something about the team?

Each team member has extensive experience in the crypto world and each bring a unique quality to ensure the project’s success. The Penny Token developer maintains a good presence and continues to maintain a daily presence on their Telegram.

The marketing team have proven themselves through their passion, relentless aggressive marketing techniques and to top it off, the actual results they have achieved to date. Their portfolio construct is primarily driven by their focus on improving the Decentralized Finance Industry. As a result, only the best brains and brilliant minds with proven track records of success have come together to achieve this landmark feat. This project is real, the team are real… they are most definitely here to stay. This is one you do not want to miss!

The litepaper is very impressive and extremely detailed.

Multi-Chain Networks


Have any questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Medium | YouTube | Telegram Announcements | TikTok | Reddit |

Keep your eye on Penny Token… this is one to watch!




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