LinkSync: Making Blockchain Secure while setting new standards in Charting Tools

What is LinkSync (SYNC)?

Powered by a finely tuned contract, and a healthy dose of innovation, LinkSync at its core is a hyper-deflationary and frictionless yield token which will yield you a generous passive income through static reflections to expand your portfolio. There is a 12% tax rate on each transaction. 2% is permanently burned from the supply through their clever buy back and burn mechanism so holders can benefit from a natural upward price momentum. 4% is distributed to reward loyal holders through reflections and 3% is sent to the marketing wallet to ensure the growth of the project.

Aside from laying the grounds for an innovative and realistic roadmap, LinkSync is very much a community-driven project, reflecting not only the LinkSync rewards, but also the ethical status of their project and long term goal of improving security within the Decentralized Finance Industry. The team have vowed to work tirelessly to build a community of investors focused on the long-term future of the project, enjoying a passive income from their hold, whilst being involved in the development of their web presence and advertising strategies. The team have proven that do not shy away from a challenge, so be prepared to see new features added as they go alongside their LinkSync tracker, Staking, LinkSync chart tools and LinkSync launchpad as per their roadmap.

What are these Buybacks and how do they work?
If a particular stock has low value, but has the potential to perform better in the future, often companies will announce a buyback and burn of the stock in the open market. Once companies announce the buyback, investors gain more confidence to purchase, and hold the stock as well. Additionally, the demand increases as the company starts buying the stock, which ultimately will drive the stock to raise. LinkSync utilizes this buyback mechanisms to create a viral token from where they can launch their platform and tokenization of LinkSync which will be known and trusted throughout the entire Crypto-community.

Is this a SAFE project?

● Not financial advice. Be sure to do your own due diligence

What Solution are LinkSync Solving?

What makes LinkSync stand out among the crowd?

Can you tell me something about the team?

The marketing team have proven themselves through their passion, relentless aggressive marketing techniques and to top it off, the actual results they have achieved to date including a very successful launch. Their portfolio construct is primarily driven by their focus on improving the Decentralized Finance Industry. As a result, only the best brains and brilliant minds with proven track records of success have come together to achieve this landmark feat. This project is real, the team are real… they are most definitely here to stay. This is one you do not want to miss!

The whitepaper is very impressive and extremely detailed.


Have any questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Buy | Chart |

Binance Smart Contract:

>>Buy on PancakeSwap V2<<

Keep your eye on LinkSync… this is one to watch!



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