LinkSync: Bringing Transparency to the DeFi Space

LinkSync Introduction

Our vision is to have a set of products under one platform, that can be easily used by everyone in a user friendly environment, while maintaining trust and security in a transparent manor. The SYNC platform will consist of the Tracker, Charts, Staking Pools and Launchpad. LinkSync investors will now have the possibility to keep track of their portfolio more efficiently, connect to other popular cryptocurrencies in the sphere and make safer investments into new projects. The LinkSync product set was built and designed with pure investor security in mind. LinkSync aims to bring a next-gen launchpad to help guide early crypto investors to safer projects, while being protected by rug-pulls and scams which are all too common and often hard to detect until it actually happens. Take control of your finances and leave the security to us.

Delivering on our Promises!

✅ Certik Audited
✅ Partnership with, and
✅ More than 5200 Holders
✅ 4% Reflection on every transaction
✅ Burned 41.21% from total supply
✅ SYNC Staking Pool live
✅ Price listed on Binance
✅ Trending on
✅ Registered Company in the UK
✅ Most visited page on CMC
⏳SYNC Bots release imminent
⏳SYNC NFT’S with Staking utility upcoming
⏳SYNC Tracker v2 in beta testing
⏳SYNC Charting tool
⏳SYNC Launchpad

Company, Marketing and Platform Updates

We had a recent AMA which revealed exciting future plans including the launch of our NFT collection with staking functionality.

We will sell 3 different types of NFT´s:
● Tier 1: 250 pieces, $120 a piece
● Tier 2: 500 pieces, $80 a piece
● Tier 3: 1000 pieces, $50 a piece

The NFT´s will give you a fixed token amount if you choose to stake them. If the price and market cap increases, you´ll get the same amount of tokens, so the rewards will grow with the token value indicating a signal to stake early. The funds created from the NFT´s will be used for increasing Liquidity in PancakeSwap (60%) and for a CEX listing (40%).

So what else can we expect to see in the near future?

In Closing


Contact us directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Discord | Buy | Chart |



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