HodlBTC: Bringing you the Next Level High Rewards System to the Binance Smart Chain

What is HodlBTC ($HodlBTC)?
HodlBTC is a frictionless yield token to give the highest rewards generated by any token on the Binance Smart Chain. By just simply holding $HodlBTC in your wallet, you will yield a generous passive income paid out in BTC.

How does it work?
HodlBTC tokemonics works by taking a tax fee on every transaction. 6% of each buy fee and 8% of each sell fee is redistributed to every wallet that holds $HodlBTC on a percentage basis. Each holder will secure a generous passive income in the form of BTC.

How can I claim my BTC?
It will be automatically sent to your wallet. All you need to do is simply hold and you’ll receive a passive income.


● September 10 2021
● Soft/Hard: 250/500
● HodlBTC Presale Soft/Hard: 250/500

● Private Sale: 785.400.000.000 (20% More)
● Presale: 706.860.000.000 (10% More)
● Pancake list: 628.320.000.000

● Keep an eye on the Website and Telegram for further info
● This token will launch on the Binance Smart Chain

Is this a SAFE project?

● Liquidity will be Locked
● Dev is very active on Telegram
● Clear and transparent Team
● This team is very well known and have extensive experience in this space
● Contract verified by BSCScan
● Strict anti snipe/bot measures
● Anti-whale features in place
● A great long term investment poised for growth
● Rug-proof team
You are in SAFE HANDS!

● Not financial advice. Be sure to do your own due diligence.

Innovative HODL Dashboard

The HODL Group have create a brand new HODL Dashboard to make it easy to track your balance and pending rewards.

Tell me about the Boardroom?

10 holders (Top 2 holders from each HODL coin) have a chance to sit on the Board to discuss company-wide policies or issues. The board of directors determine the overall business strategy of the company. This will give you a chance to have your voice heard, make business connections, elevate status and ultimately make a real difference. Only investors who have not sold are eligible. Cut off time is 11:59pm on the last day of the month.

What makes $HodlBTC stand out among the crowd?

There are multiple reasons in my opinion!
● The HODL Group are presenting this token as part of their 5 token launches
● One of the most creative and innovative projects I’ve seen in a long time
● 10 holders (Top 2 holders from each HODL coin) have a chance to sit on the Board
● No minimum amount of tokens needed to receive the rewards
● Monthly Giveaways
● HODL Dashboard to track your balance and pending rewards
● Airdrops
● Private Parties
● Amazing Tokenomics driven towards rewarding the holders
● Relevant to current trends
● Designed for longevity
● Incredible passive income
● Aggressive marketing drive
● These guys bring the right energy and passion to make this a success
● This is a HIDDEN GEM of a project and one I was VERY happy to come across
● HodlBTC is getting a lot of hype right now
● Get in early as the list goes on…


● Total supply:
● Token: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

● Buy Tax: 13% Transaction fee
● 6% Reflection Rewards loyal holders
● 5% Marketing
● 2% to the Liquidity Pool

● Sell Tax: 15% Transaction fee
● 8% Reflection Rewards loyal holders
● 5% Marketing
● 2% to the Liquidity Pool


Have any questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Hodl Group |

**Make Life Rewarding**

Keep your eye on $HodlBTC… this is one to watch!



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