FlokiPup: AMA Recap with OverDose Gems

FlokiPup AMA Recap with OverDose Gems

Aiming to bring more visibility to the project FlokiPup had an AMA with the team over at OverDose Gems with a huge investor group. Their developer DevPup answered questions from the OverDose Gems team and the community. Below is the transcript for anyone that couldn’t make it.

AMA Host: OverDose Gems
Telegram Source: https://t.me/overdose_gems_group/434936
Date: 22nd October 2021

Od, [22.10.21 14:33](OverDose Gems Owner)
AMA with @FlokiPupInu is starting now!

Od, [22.10.21 14:34]
Hi @Floki_Pup , how are you today?

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:34] (OverDose Gems)

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:34]
Hey! Good thank you, hope you’re all ok?

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:34]
We’re great! Happy to have you today.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:35]
Good! Happy to be here. 🙂

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:35]
Please introduce the team behind Floki Pup.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:35]

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:37]
Our team is filled with highly talented and highly moral people, which I think must come hand in hand, you must have skill and good morals to be a great team. Our team come from various backgrounds, from marketing, extensive crypto experience, political science, customer service and finance. They all have previous experience in cryptocurrency projects, enabling them to understand what works best with project developments and dealing with the community in a professional manner.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:38]
My personal background is in marketing and sales. I spent many years within these industries, working within teams and individually to push projects/products of my clients. My experience was a very good one and has taught me extremely valuable and transferable skills that are useful in every aspect of life, including the cryptocurrency space.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:38]
Sounds good.
Did you have previous crypto projects?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:39]
This is my first time running a project, I’ve helped other projects with marketing but this is my first time as a project manager and I’m enjoying the process and learning new skills.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:40]
Happy to hear. From what I’ve seen its one of the most demanding but rewarding jobs out there.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:40]
Is the team doxxed?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:41]
[In reply to Cryptik]
For sure it comes with huge pressure but I wouldn’t change it. I wake up everyday excited to work on this project.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:41]
[In reply to Cryptik]
Not currently but it’s something we plan to do in the future.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:41]
Ok, hope you will do it soon.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:42]
Was the code audited?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:42]
Yes the code is audited, here the Safe Solidity Shield report — https://safesolidity.com/certs/0xf50a07e4ff052a14f3f608da8936d8ae0ed5be50

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:43]

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:43]
Let’s talk about the project itself.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:43]
Can you give us an overview of the project?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:45]
Flokipup is a community driven token that offers various utility measures. Flokipup brings meme, community, and utility into one. Firstly, we believe that Flokipup will help solve the problem of trust and transparency within the DeFi space, that other projects have failed on. Secondly, we believe that Flokipup will be able to offer a P2E game that targets a very different market than what most P2E games offer right now, broadening the reach of P2E within the DeFi sphere. Thirdly, we believe that our Flokipup dex will be the most user-friendly exchange platform within DeFi, better than ShibaSwap. Lastly, Flokipup has a wildcard that almost no other meme coins have, the Elon factor.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:46]
Can you tell us more about the p2e game?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:48]
We’re currently working with professional game developers to finalising the game design. The game will use state of the art blockchain technology to create a virtual world which within it has a breadth of players that have their own individual FlokiPup(s) to look after and can interact with other players to buy, sell, and trade valuables within the FLOKIPUP metaverse.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:49]
This will be one of the most attractive and entertaining games there is available on the blockchain. Part of the inspiration for the idea of the FLOKIPUP game came from the iconic ‘Nintendogs’ game series that took over the gaming community by storm when it was first released in 2005. We at FLOKIPUP believe that our game can have the same effect on the Cyrpto gaming industry and be the game that connects thousands of people together within the space, through a simple yet effective and highly entertaining idea.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:49]
Interesting. Do you have a demo you can share?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:52]
Not yet, we plan to release a demo within the next month. Because our project was stealth launched with no time to plan, we’ve had to do all the core utility developments after launch. We did create a beta version of the game within the first couple weeks of being live but after getting feedback we decided not to release it, we rushed it and it wasn’t up to the standard that we want. We’re going to be taking our time to ensure our P2E is game changing and making sure the demo bring lots of attention to our project.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:52]
I see.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:53]
You also mentioned you’re going to launch a DEX. Can you tell us more about that?

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:53]
What’s going to make it better than the competition?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:56]
Yes, The FlokiPup DEX will allow users to buy, swap, sell, pool, and chart their tokens all in one place, through a smooth user-friendly app. Further developments will allow users to set buy/sell limits as well working towards cross-network compatibility.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:57]
This will be a first in the crypto space making it better than other DEX’s developed right now.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:57]
You mean first dex that allows cross network compatibility?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 14:58]
Not just that, all the other elements combined into one app.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 14:59]
Interesting. Do you have an ETA for that?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:00]
Next year, we plan to start development of the DEX once the beta version of the P2E game is completed. This will be a game changing utility in the crypto space, this will take time to develop due to the standard we’re aiming for.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:02]
I see.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:02]
This sounds like a very serious and promising product. Why did you decide to go with a meme name?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:03]
We’re planning on getting the P2E beta version out by the EOY. The full game is something our community will have to be patient on because we want our game to be recognised world-wide and change lots of peoples lives, in order to do this it’ll need many months of development, we don’t want to rush it. The budget the team will be spending on this game is HUGE, it’s going to be a game changer.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:06]
[In reply to Cryptik]
Thank you, we will deliver on these promises for our community. The launch of our project was based off Elon’s tweet so we had no planning time, we’ve worked with what we’ve got and it’s been great so far, the brand and community we’ve built is one of the best in the crypto community.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:06]

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:07]
What are the fees and rewards on the platform?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:09]
Here’s a breakdown of the fee’s and rewards on our current token:-

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:09]
2% Total Buy tax.

(2% Redistribution to all holders)- Paid in FLOKIPUP — This will reward all holders, every time a buy transaction goes through 2% of that will be redistributed fairly to all holders — Earn FLOKIPUP tokens just but holding it in your wallet.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:09]
10% Total Sell Tax.

(2% — Manual Buyback/Burn) — 2% of every sell transaction will be sent to a separate wallet in Ethereum — this will be used for daily buybacks/burns to make the token deflationary whilst also pumping the price of FlokiPup at random times throughout each day.

(2% — Team Tax) — This will be used for the payroll of all our team members including the core dev team, marketing team, PR team and community support team. We plan on hiring more professionals to help with the development of the FlokiPup very soon.

(3% — Marketing Tax) — This will be used daily for our strategic marketing plan made by our professional marketing manager, he’ll be putting this tax to very good use.

(3% — Development Tax) — The development tax will be used for the development of the FlokiPup Metaverse game, FlokiPup DEX and future utility’s we introduce.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:10]
Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:10]
Let’s talk about the launch you had.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:10]
When was it?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:11]
Our V1 launch was just over a month ago now.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:13]
and v2 is already live?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:15]
[In reply to Cryptik]
Yes, V2 was launched around a week ago now. The team played a huge part to ensure the launch was successful. We made sure every Pup was taken care of. We’ve had lot of feedback from people praising the team for how well we handled the migration.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:15]
Happy to hear. The community is the most important thing.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:16]
We’re happy that we’ve now put the V2 migration behind us so we can focus the core utility developments of our project.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:16]
[In reply to Cryptik]
For sure, the community comes first.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:16]
Initial and current liquidity?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:17]
[In reply to Cryptik]
Initial — 36ETH

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:17]
Current — 50.40 ETH

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:17]
Very high initial liquidity for a fair launch. Nice.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:18]
I wanna leave time for community questions. Is there anything we didn’t cover and you want to talk about?

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:20]
To wrap up this part of the AMA, please tell us how you would convince someone to buy the token right now, and tell us about your marketing plans?

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:20]
[In reply to Cryptik]
Good questions, okay..

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:23]
Buying Floki Pup now is the same as buying Floki at a 5 million market cap, Floki is now a 700 market cap, 140x away from us. Our team have demonstrated how professional we are. We have the best community I’ve seen in any Meme coin project at such an early stage. We’re consistently delivering for all our community members and we make sure everyone is taken care of.

Not only will you benefit from being apart of a great community at such an early stage, you’ll also reap the rewards of the return on investment you’ll make. We aim on changing people’s lives through investment in our project.

Buying Floki Pup now is also front-running the inevitable upcoming dog Meme season. Those that were around in may will understand the magnitude of volume going into solid dog Meme projects and we’re making sure we’re recognised as one of them, being such a low market cap compared to other dog Meme projects will give all investors a much higher ROI.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:23]
Regarding marketing…

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:24]
We have one of the best marketing managers in the crypto space and he sure knows how to promote crypto projects. I’ve currently paid month’s in advanced for promotional bookings, here’s what you can expect -

⁃ AMA’s

⁃ Community giveaways

⁃ New partnerships with influencers

⁃ Telegram and Twitter shout outs

⁃ Facebook & Instagram Advertisements

⁃ Google & Youtube Advertisements

⁃ Other Website Advertisements

⁃ Youtube Reviews

⁃ Billboard advertisements

+ Much More

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:26]
[In reply to DevPup [Will Never DM First]]
I definitely agree that if you complete your roadmap, this current mcap is highly undervalued.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:26]
[In reply to DevPup [Will Never DM First]]
Impressive plans.

Cryptik, [22.10.21 15:27]
We will now open the group for the community question phase.

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:27]
[In reply to Cryptik]
Sounds good.

Od, [22.10.21 15:28]
Thanks a lot! It was a pleasure.
AMA recap:

DevPup [Will Never DM First], [22.10.21 15:28]
[In reply to Od]
Thank you!


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