Floki Rocket: AMA Recap with OverDose Gems

Floki Rocket AMA Recap with OverDose Gems

Aiming to bring more visibility to the project, Floki Rocket had an AMA with the team over at OverDose Gems. Floki Rocket’s Co-Founder Karina Akselsen answered questions from the OverDose Gems team and the community. Below is the transcript for anyone that couldn’t make it.

AMA Host: OverDose Gems
Host Telegram: https://t.me/overdose_gems_group
Date: Friday 5th November 2021
Speakers: Karina Akselsen: Co-Founder of Floki Rocket (@KAksell)

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:00] (OverDose Gems)
Hello @KAksell, how are you?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:01](Floki Rocket Co-Founder)
Hello, very well, thanks! Excited for this AMA.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:01]
Happy to have you!

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:01]

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:01]
Let’s begin with an introduction the team behind Floki Rocket.

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:04]
We are an international team of crypto enthusiasts, 3 founders, 1 dev, 1 marketing manager and a whole team of designers divided around the world , mainly USA, France and Germany!
Most of us have been involved into the crypto world for years now and we want to share with the world the knowledge we accumulated along the years through this wonderful project we created, Floki Rocket.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:05]
Is this your first crypto project?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:06]
Yes, it is. But we are very well prepared. We’ve been working to consolidate this project for the past few months and the dev is on the crypto market for more 4,5 years.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:07]
I see.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:07]
Is the team public?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:07]
Yes, the team is doxxed and KYC.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:08]
Can you send us a link?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:09]

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:09]
Here you go.

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:09]
And on Monday, we will KYC with Pinksale as well.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:09]

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:09]
Lets talk about Floki Rocket.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:09]
Can you give us an overview of the project?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:10]
Floki Rocket is a low tax reward meme token which has been designed to generously reward you in $BNB for simply holding. The token itself is not the finality of the teams work, we will build a farming platform in the coming weeks, release first NFTs collection and more.
Floki Rocket is a MEME token but what differentiates us from other similar project is all the hard work we put into it to build an amazingly strong community and reach an even better performance than other good Floki projects.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:11]
However there are many Floki-themed projects, as well as farming platforms. What are the unique features of Floki Rocket?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:14]
The team will not stop working after a few days, we will provide lot of work, developing a farming platform, releasing NFTs collections.
And we will have some partnerships, our Floki will be a playable character in a Play to earn project.
We have already linked partnerships with influencers and promoters worldwide. Because of the faith and the hard work we are investing into this project, we want to make sure that people around the world are getting the opportunity to find out about us and how else can we do tha if not through the most loved and appreciated Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter influencers.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:14]
Sounds good.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:14]
Can you give us a breakdown of the fees and rewards on the platform?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:15]
Each transaction has a 12% fee subtracted which powers Floki Rocket

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
4% Reflections (Distributed to loyal holders in $BNB)
3% Auto Liquidity (Create an ever-increasing floor price)
5% Marketing (Fuels Rocket to ensure project growth)

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:16]
What can you tell us about the dapp?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:17]
The first DAPP available at launch will be simple, it will allow the holders to connect their wallet and claim their BNB and see their wallet status, RLOKI and BNB holdings

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:17]
So it will allow holders to claim the bnb they earned?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:18]

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:18]
What are the future plans for the dapp?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:20]
We will improve Dapp in the very close future to allow holders to be able to access the staking platform after we release the farming token

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:21]
Lets talk about the launch.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:21]
When is the presale and on which platform?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:22]
Presale will be completely whitelisted and will be hosted on Pinsksale with KYC as well on November the 9th, 1 PM UTC.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:22]
Investors will have to do a KYC?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:22]
The KYC will be made by us.

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:23]
The investors will have to be white listed to be able to participate and that is it.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:23]

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:23]
Hardcap, Softcap?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:24]
The hard cap will be 400BNB and the soft cap 200BNB.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:25]
What are your marketing plans up to and after the launch?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:27]
We are having big marketing plans, we have already started with Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Instagram influencers, many YT and Twitter promoters, big TikTok USA campaign with many contests, then, after launch, will have Poocoin and Dextools ads.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:27]
Sounds great.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:27]
What are your long term plans for the project?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:29]
NFT collection, Staking platform, Farming token, The team will be super active with the community and Floki Rocket will be a character on a play to earn game.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:29]
Is there anything else about the project we didn’t cover and you want to talk about?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:30]
Your questions helped us go through our plans properly so there is nothing else we didn’t covered, thank you.

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:31]
Happy we covered everything 😄
Is there anything you wanna add before we open the group for community questions?

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:32]
We want to thank you for your time and your faith in our project, and we are ready to answer a few questions from your community

Cryptik, [05/11/2021 13:33]
Great, I wish you good luck on Nov 9th, and I will now open the group for questions.

Karina Akselsen, [05/11/2021 13:33]
Thank you!


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