Floki Pup Important Announcement: V3 Migration

5 min readOct 29, 2021


In the recent days we have seen a huge influx of investors floking into Floki Pup. This is the success that the team and community have been working hard for, everything is working out as planned. Of course, no successful journey comes easy and there will always be hurdles to overcome. In order to take our Pup to the next level, we need too make a crucial change asap…

A Floki Pup V3 Migration 🚀

Why are we doing a V3 migration?

● To upgrade to an advanced contract that will allow us to be accepted onto CEX exchanges.
● To change the taxation in order to fund the development of the P2E game and a worldwide marketing campaign.

Why weren’t these factors considered for the V2 migration?

● The V2 migration wasn’t perfect due to the complexity of migrating from an inflationary contract.
● I did not realise how strict CEX exchanges are when being considered to be listed.
● The taxation was misunderstood, I thought the V1 tax was similar to the current V2 tax. Unfortunately V2 is less than 1/4 of V1.

What positive impact will this have on the success of Floki Pup?

● This will allow us to be listed on Tier 2,1 exchanges in the future (Hobit, Kucoin, Binance).
● The tax will create enough funding for an extensive worldwide marketing campaign.
● The tax will allow us to fund the development of the P2E game we’re creating, a full whitepaper on the game specifics will be released next week.
● We believe a V3 launch will bring even more hype and attention to Floki Pup, this will grow our community, increase holders and increase volume.

What will the new Tokenomics be?

● 1 Trillion Total Supply

● 18% Tax Round Trip

● 9% Buy/Sell Tax

(1% Redistribution to all holders) - Paid in FLOKIPUP — This will reward all hodlers. Every time a buy/sell transaction goes through 1% will be redistributed fairly to all holders — Earn FLOKIPUP tokens just by holding them in your wallet

(2% — Team Tax) — This will be used for the payroll of all our team members including the core dev team, marketing team, PR team and community support team. We plan on hiring more professionals to help with the development of the FlokiPup very soon.

(3% — Marketing Tax) — This will be used daily for our strategic marketing plan made by our professional marketing manager, he’ll be putting this tax to very good use. Full details on the extensive worldwide marketing campaign will be released soon.

(3% — Development Tax) — The development tax will be used for the development of the FlokiPup Metaverse game, FlokiPup DEX and future utility’s we introduce.

FAQ on the the migration process

Why don’t I just sell now and buy V3?

We expect V3 to have a lot of buying pressure due to our marketing campaign and current ‘FLOKI’ hype, so we’ll likely see some X’s on launch, meaning that your tokens will multiply in value instantly.

You’ll simply miss out on the initial X’s on launch if you sell before and end up buying back at a much higher price depending on how many X’s it does.

Not only this, but you’ll also pay tax for selling your V2 tokens and you’d have to pay tax to buy V3 again.

Will all my reflections be accounted for?
Yes 100%, this time we’ll make sure that everyone will receive their current amount of tokens 1:1, including all reflections. It will be a much easier process due to the Total supply being the same.

Will the value of my tokens be the same?
Yes your tokens will be worth the same on the V3 contract on launch.

When V3 launch?
This coming Sunday/Monday. We aim to launch as quickly as possible after trading closes, the quicker you send your tokens the quicker we’ll be able to launch.

How are you transferring liquidity from the V2 to V3?
The only way to transfer liquidity is to get the current V2 holders to send their tokens to the V3 deployer wallet, then i (dev) can sell all the tokens at once, draining the V2 liquidity pool and transferring it over to V3.

How do we receive our new V3 tokens?
In order to receive your new tokens, you’ll have to send your current tokens to the address given tomorrow when trading closes.

When do we send our tokens?
When trading of the V2 contract closes. TRADING OF OUR CURRENT V2 CONTRACT WILL CLOSE IN THE NEXT 12–24HRS. This give people time to buy some cheap Pup’s before we migrate to V3.

How long do we have to send the tokens to the address once trading closes?
48hrs. We expect most people to send sooner than that meaning we’ll be able to launch V3 sooner.

When do we get our V3 tokens?
You’ll receive your tokens prior to the V3 launch, before we’ve added liquidity. We’ll be sending them out using a multi-sender.

Will the new contract be audited?
Yes, we’ll be paying to get another audit report.

Will liquidity be locked on V3 launch?
Yes liquidity will be locked on launch.

Will there be a V4?
No. This will be our final migration. This is the final hurdle on the path to success for Floki Pup, this is a very similar process to FLOKI and we’re following the success they’ve made and this migration will ensure we reach their market cap size.

What About The Diamond Paw NFT’s?
The reason we haven’t sent out the NFT’s is because we knew we’d need a V3 contract, the eligibility for the Floki Pup Diamond Paw NFT’s will be released before V3 launch and the NFT’s will be sent out after V3, if you’re eligible.

Will CMC and CG be applied for again?
Yes. They’ll be another fresh CG and CMC listing.

Everyone here will be taken care of during this migration process, we have a strong team that are willing to help you with any issue you have.

We’ve proven that we can make a migration successful, we now have more experience and will make sure this time is perfect.

We’re looking forward to getting the migration out the way so that we can fully focus on our vision for FlokiPup, we appreciate everyone’s understanding.

If you still have any questions/queries please contact Tony via DM (https://t.me/bigtony4) before asking in the chat, he’ll be able to help you.


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