First On The Moon (Orbit): Why we think this Cosmic Metaverse Project will achieve Exponential Growth

Explosive Potential!

Meta (Facebook) along with other major players in the tech space are developing these virtual worlds at breakneck speed and implementing the next phase in online interaction and web development as we speak.

Many tech and financial experts believe this is the next evolutionary step in online interaction and will provide an opportunity for generational wealth for early adopters and savvy investors. Let’s take a quick look at just a few reasons we are excited about this game changing cryptocurrency.

✅ First to Market Cosmic MetaVerse
✅ Solid Tokenomics
✅ Ground Floor MetaVerse
✅ Amazing Upside Potential
✅ Industries Best Development Team
✅ Upcoming Marketing Effort

This hidden gem ticks all the boxes, and as we all know, timing is everything in this space. This project is launching a guerrilla marketing effort in an attempt to reach the masses. This positions them perfectly for not only incredible short-term gains, but this places them on the ground floor of a project that could explode with exponential amazing long-term potential.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the project and why we think this may be our most important alert of the year……..

Become a Ground Floor Land Owner and Real Estate Mogul in the First Cosmic Metaverse!

This hidden gem is poised to show tremendous short-term gains but has also positioned itself to create long-term market sustainability with a FIRST TO MARKET COSMIC METAVERSE!

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we are excited about $ORBIT Token and why owning a piece of the first Cosmic MetaVerse may be our most important alert of the year.

Moon Plot NFT

Earn MOON LAND PLOTS by holding $ORBIT token

  • The first Moon Plots were awarded to all private sale investors and the presale participants.
  • Each week, 7 Moon Plots will be airdropped to random $ORBIT investors and holders.
  • From time to time, Moon Plots will become available for sale, but only to existing $ORBIT holders.
  • Your moon plot will come in the form of a one-of-a-kind MOON PLOT NFT pictured above.
  • The Moon Plots will be minable and will award holders additional NFTs such as Chemical Elements, Asteroids, Comets, Satellites, Astronauts, Space Ships, Aliens, Space guns, Avatar Enhancements etc.
Element NFT

We all know what we look for in a new emerging project — $ORBIT ticks all the boxes!

✅ Explosive short-term price appreciation potential
✅ First To Market Cosmic MetaVerse
✅ Token Rewards
✅ NFT Marketplace
✅ Locked Liquidity
✅ Aggressive marketing campaign to be deployed
✅ A strong support base with a growing, thriving community

As the marketing effort continues and we see the volume and market cap increase, we fully expect to see massive price appreciation. This number could EXPLODE exponentially providing price appreciation greater than any other project on the market.

We are incredibly bullish on $ORBIT Token — We believe this unique gem has tremendous legs and has only just started its run. We anticipate $ORBIT continuing to gain great exposure and traction through its guerrilla marketing push, putting this project in a prime position to take the market share.


Contact them using the links below and be sure to check out their Whitepaper

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | Chart | Buy |



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