First On The Moon (ORBIT): The Future Looks Bright for Crypto Start-Up after a Successful Launch on the Binance Smart Chain

First On The Moon (ORBIT) Introduction

The First On The Moon team have been working tirelessly after a very successful launch of the ORBIT token on the Binance Smart Chain. They clearly understand that having a strong team with a proven strategy in place is fundamental to the success of their project as they impressively reach milestone after milestone in such a short space of time. The creative and dedicated team behind this project boasts years of experience in the blockchain industry and have produced a remarkably unique concept which we are seeing become a reality as First On The Moon starts to dramatically unfold. First On The Moon is the very first crypto project that is developing a Cosmic Metaverse. This metaverse will unfold over time expanding the project beyond the moon. They are currently developing an interactive Moon model (similar to how Google Earth is being used) that serves as the base for future exploration. Investors in the ORBIT token will be able to receive Moon Plots NFTs if they simply buy and hold their ORBIT tokens. These Moon plots NFTs serve as the base layer in this amazing new metaverse, which will have immense value in the future as they will be used to mine future NFTs that will be used in the gameplay to terraform this virtual world. The metaverse will also have a discovery phase where an extraordinary event will take place on the Moon, participants will be able to find something unique on their plots, such as an ancient alien relic, or a comet has crashed on their plot, or even an abandoned spaceship in stealth mode. This stage will advance the story and lead to new discoveries, opening the door to new levels of their Metaverse. This new cosmic-based Metaverse is clearly where everything is heading and why the First On The Moon team are way ahead of the curve here by opening the door to an amazing world for all their users. Join them by taking the next step in exploring the Universe.


Momentum as we’ve never seen it!

Look how far First On The Moon have come just over a week since launching! This has been a very big week for the team and the community as they continue to make progress day by day going from strength to strength. In a recent announcement we find out that LBank Exchange will list ORBIT. LBank Exchange is a global digital asset trading platform which will open trading for ORBIT on 29th Nov. 9pm (UTC+8). I feel they may need to adjust their Roadmap as they tick things off quicker then we could have imagined. Let’s take a quick look at what they have achieved before we discuss their exciting new ecosystem developments just around the corner.

● Successful Pre-Sale and Launch on PancakeSwap
● Team Doxxed and audited
● LBANK Exchange listing (Trading starts on 29th Nov. 9pm)
● Over 1700 Holders gained in just 1 week
● Reached over 2 Million MarketCap which is phenomenal
● CoinGecko Listed
● CoinMarketCap Listed
● Listed on DexGuru and Nomics
● Listed on Feixiaohao
● Multiple AMA’s
● Elon’s ORBIT related tweet which hyped the project even more
● First Moon Plot NFTs are being prepped to be Airdropped on Dec. 1st
● Crypto Lightsaber YouTube Video
● Weiland’s Tik Tok video

Very Healthy Chart… crazy buying pressure and ready for the next leg up!

Marketing and Ecosystem Update

To keep momentum moving the team have not rested on their laurels by any means. Almost every day there were posts on Reddit, tweets on Twitter, positive messages on Telegram, alongside the absolutely sterling work from the community who have proven themselves to be a powerful driving force behind the success of ORBIT.

What can we expect to see in Q4?
● LBANK Exchange listing
● Brand New Website
● First valuable NFTs being Airdropped
● NFT Marketplace platform
● Staking Functionality
● 3D Map of Moon (similar to Google Maps to navigate to your plot)
● Plus a LOT more

Delivering on Promises

With future rapid growth in mind the team are clearly covering all areas as promised and exceeding everyone’s expectations. The team are very well known in this space and I believe this project will be one of the very few that will pass the test of time. They say when you have transparency it reduces the need for trust, but I can assure you, you’ll find both here regardless as they show definite signs of long term commitment to this project. I look forward seeing their cosmic metaverse unfold and NFT holders will start to reap the rewards as they realise why holding their ORBIT tokens was a good idea. The gaming industry is evolving and in the crypto space, there are no limits. Stay around for the journey as it’s set to be a very exciting Q4 for ORBIT.


Have any questions?

Contact them directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | Chart | Buy |

Keep your eye on First On The Moon… this is one to watch!




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