First On The Moon: AMA Recap with Cryptoscreen

First On The Moon AMA Recap with Cryptoscreen

Aiming to bring more visibility to the project, First On The Moon had a very interesting AMA with the team over at Cryptoscreen. Owner and Partners ‘Damien’, ‘Michael P’ and ‘TJ’ answered questions from the Cryptoscreen team and the community. Below is the transcript for anyone that couldn’t make it.

AMA Host: Cryptoscreen
Host Telegram:
AMA Source:
Date: Wednesday 17th November 2021
Time: 1PM / UTC+1

Damien (Co-Founder) TG: @the_bright_side_of_the_moon
Michael P (Project Partner) TG: @spargluna
TJ (Project Partner) TG: @TJ_20000

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:03] (Cryptoscreen Interviewer)
Okay, Before I start the first session can you introduce yourself to our community?

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:04]
Gladly! I’m Mike, I’m a partner in this great project, I’m in charge with all things visual, and also work on concept development.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:05]
I’m Damien the co founder of First On The Moon project and Orbit token, and I’m in charge with the concept development, resourcing and planning.

TJ (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:05]
Hey guys, I am TJ, also a partner, have a background in Acounting & Finance and crypto consultant, dealing with all the numbers :)

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:08]
Thank you for introduce yourself sir.
Nice background.
Your experience will certainly motivate us in the future 😊

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:09]
Okay, In the first session I will give questions about First On the Moon, of you have given an answer please say “Done”

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:11]
We are ready.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:11]
Let’s start first Session.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:11]
Q1. Can you tell the members a little about First On the Moon?

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:12]
First On The Moon is the very first crypto project that is developing a Cosmic Metaverse.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:12]
We are introducing the moon (that’s why the project is called First…on the Moon) and we will expand outside of the moon space after we introduce different spatial elements, basically the metaverse will unfold as a story in front of the participants, and it will expand beyond known frontiers, in space and time.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:13]
We are currently developing an interactive Moon model (similar to how Google Earth is being used) that serves as the base for future exploration.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:13]
Our investors will be able to receive Moon Plots NFTs if they buy and hold their tokens. These Moon plots NFTs serve as the base layer in this amazing metaverse, these will have an immense value as they will be used to mine future NFTs that will be used in the gameplay to terraform this virtual world.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:15]
After the moon plots we will airdrop different types of NFTs — chemical elements that will help us transform the moon into a liveable habitat.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:15]
The metaverse will also have a discovery phase where an extraordinary event will take place on the Moon, participants will be able to find something unique on their plots, such as an ancient alien relic, or a comet has crashed on their plot, or even an abandoned spaceship in stealth mode. This stage will advance the story and lead to new discoveries, opening the door to new levels of our Metaverse.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:18]
Perfect, thank you.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:18]
Next question

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:19]
Q2. Can you explain how First On the Moon and what kind of services it offers to users?

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:20]
We think we’re at a croassroads in human evolution, in culture and especially in technology.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:20]
Space exploration is moving, as a subject, from the domain of science-fiction into normal, everyday life.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:22]
In this context, we felt that a cosmic-based Metaverse makes complete sense. We got together around building this project in early August of this year. We can call that the unofficial birth date of First on The Moon

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:22]
The project will be opening the door to an amazing world for our users.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:23]
The token will have its utility on the platform, first of all the holders will be able to receive NFTs which are correlated to the Metaverse, they will have their equivalent in our game.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:24]
Then, others could purchase rare and extremely rare NFTs with the tokens from our Marketplace, for example someone could buy a special NFT that will help them achieve a certain goal, like taking the next step in exploring the Universe.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:25]
As competitive advantage we can say that being the very first Cosmic Metaverse, starting with such a low market cap, and upcoming top exchange listing will make us gain a lot of exposure in the next period.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:26]
On top of that, we have a super supportive community that we’re constantly engaging.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:28]
Our aims are ambitious, and we’ll reach out to known figures in the relevant domains, like the aerospace industry, space enthusiasts and cultural icons.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:29]
Next question.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:30]
Q3. What products does First On the Moon have and in the future, will you add more products?

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:31]
Our first products will start delivering on 1st of December — the moon plots NFTs, after that we will deliver the second type of NFTs — the Chemical elements.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:31]
Soon after that, we will create the 3D moon, similar to Google Maps where users can really see where their moon plots are placed.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:32]
This moon will evolve in time, adding more layers and information, so it will be as accurate as possible.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:33]
The main goal of course will be the cosmic metaverse where the community can really see and feel the atmosphere, and can interact with one another.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:33]
We can’t expose any more information, so our project will still have the element of surprise, but I think you all get the big picture.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:38]
Q4. How do you solve liquidity issues and how to ensure user asset security?

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:40]
Security-wise, we’re relying on the BSC network. That’s where we mint our NFTs, that’s the blockchain Orbit runs on.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:40]
We are in the process of setting up our own NFT marketplace, and that will be a dedicated app/website.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:41]
We’ve got an awesome team working on it, and we’ll make sure it stands to any security audit before launching to the public.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:42]
On the liquidity front, i’ll cite a few figures from our tokenomics

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:43]
The total supply is 10bn, out of which 36% were burned at launch, there are no team tokens, team members participated in all sales phases, just like everyone else.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:43]
There are a few wallets which are locked, 5% locked for 1 year, as we will incorporate and these will be used as assets in strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, contingencies

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:44]
6% is locked only until next week, and it will be used then to add liquidity on a top exchange that we just signed an agreement with.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:44]
10% is locked until the 1st of December and it will be used on the exchange to offer staking rewards for our diamond holders.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:45]
The current tax is 7%, with 3% going to PancakeSwap where it’s locked for a year,

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:46]
and 4% being converted to BNB automatically (as to not affect the charts) and sent into the marketing and development wallet.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:48]
Okay next question, This is the last question in segment 1

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:49]
Q5. Have you met all your goals in the roadmap till now? And were there any difficulties that you didn’t expect and were not prepared for?

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:50]
We initially had the 1st of December set for the launch, but after Elon’s tweets we decided to launch early, and I think that was a good decision. We wanted to be listed on the top exchange as soon as possible to prevent other projects to be the first to develop such a cosmic metaverse, also we can capitalize on Elon’s tweets.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:51]
Most of our deliverables regarding the metaverse are not ready yet, but we accelerated and published the introductory short video that is fully designed by us, and not only that, at the end of this week we will have a fresh new version of the website to reflect our goal and vision better.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:52]
Our greatest achievement of all is heaving this great community that we are proud of, as they’re all intelligent people and like to contribute with ideas to making this project a huge success.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:53]
They are also true diamond holders as we launched at a $330k market cap and currently, we are beyond 1 million market cap.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:53]
I will post our video at the end of this AMA for all to see.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:53]
Okay, we move on to the second session, which is a question from Twitter 😊

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:54]
Q1. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model? @Scooter41234

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:55]
We have big plans in mind, and right now we are sustainable, so our marketing and development budget is sufficient. We are planning to develop an NFT marketplace where we can grow our revenue by selling moon plots, chemical elements, and much more.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:55]
The gaming industry is evolving and in the crypto space, we have no limits. We will make more NFTs available for sale, and users can use their NFTs for different tasks and rewards in the Cosmic Metaverse.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:56]
Our virtual world will generate profit for the project and the community as well.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:56]
Good answer, thank you.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:56]
Next question.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 13:56]
Thank you.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:57]
You’re welcome😊

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 13:57]
Q2 .What is the interactive moon model and what is the future exploration function? @El_yasa123

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:58]
The interactive Moon model is an essential element in our system

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:59]
Like the name implies, it’s a 3d model of the Moon that will host information about our system and will allow users to interact with it in order to access this information.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 13:59]
Think Google Earth, as a comparative example.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 14:00]
While in the early stages, this model will evolve over time, as the story progresses and information is discovered and added to the system.

Michael P, [17/11/2021 14:01]
The model will gain functionality over time, and will act as the base for advancing into the Universe.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:02]
Next question 3

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:03]
Q3. My question is about your long term marketing plans. How, or through which big partnerships do you plan on utilising to pass your product onto the normal — especially non-crypto people? @RYZEN251

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:03]
Indeed we have huge plans for marketing. You will see that big marketing is just being set in the following period. We are just waiting for our website to be upgraded so that it will reflect the project better, and also in December we’ll have our deliverables ready.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:04]
These can be seen as our proofs of work. Once they’re out we can then establish big partnerships in the gaming, aero spatial and educational industries as our project will aim for these branches. World wide reach is our main goal and mass adoption.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:05]
We are also in talks with different communities for future partnerships, we just need to get a confirmation and we’ll make the announcement.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:05]
Thank you😊

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:05]
Next question.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:05]
Q4. What strategies does your project use to position itself and grow its community of players and strengthen it? What are the advantages that allow you to stand out in the market? What is the strategy to get tokens like?

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:06]
Our project is the very first one to develop a Cosmic Metaverse and we do have a strong community support. As for strategies, we look to offer everyone an insight in this project and ask them to participate as well.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:07]
That’s #1 rule for growth. Then, once our Metaverse will be out and running, we’ll be offering people an opportunity to invite their friends by emailing them a Guest pass so they can discover the amazing world we’re creating and enjoy it with their friends.

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:07]
We will stand out in the market because we have an innovative team with an unique idea and we are trying to reach out to big names that will support the project, and tell their friends about it.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:08]
Okay next question, This is the last question in segment 2

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:09]
Q5. Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project? @vivobook12

Michael P, [17/11/2021 14:10]
Not quite, first of all our tokens have been designed to be used as currency on the platform. People will use the tokens to purchase NFTs and game related items.

TJ (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:11]
Similar to Ecomi for example ;)

Michael P, [17/11/2021 14:11]
We do listen closely to our community when taking any kind of decisions, no matter how big or small and everyone can have a say, perhaps in the future we’ll look into a governance function for our token.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:11]
Let’s go to the third session, this is the last session in this event😍

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:12]
For this last session @TJ_20000 @spargluna @the_bright_side_of_the_moon you can answer 5 questions from participants

TJ (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:17]

Anthony Eccles, [17/11/2021 14:16]
Lợi ích lớn nào đối với những người nắm giữ mã thông báo hàng đầu? Các trường hợp sử dụng mã thông báo của bạn là gì và chúng ta với tư cách là người dùng có động lực mua và giữ lâu dài như thế nào? Bạn có làm bất cứ điều gì để bảo vệ người dùng nắm giữ mã thông báo khỏi bị tấn công không?

TJ (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:20]
[In reply to Anthony Eccles]
I can see this question was asked by more than 8 people. So the big benefits of top holders is that they can get their hands on the very first Moon Plots NFTs, which will have an imense value in the whole Cosmic Metaverse, as they are the base layer on which everything else will be built, and are in limited supply. The tokens will be used to purchase the rare NFTs which will be added in the Metaverse and will have their equivalent in-game, therefore people will always buy the tokens in order to make the purchase.

💖 Lan tim🌷, [17/11/2021 14:16]
Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Michael P, [17/11/2021 14:24]
[In reply to 💖 Lan tim🌷]
We always come to our community for feedback, we’re always in contact with our users. We organize live AMAs almost every day, we even organized a presale based on our community’s collective decision, through voting.

Nichol Echols, [17/11/2021 14:15]
Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:25]
[In reply to Nichol Echols]
Almost every investor wants to see their initial capital grow after a while, and we concentrate our efforts to reward the diamond holders and the active community members with NFTs — moon plots, chemical elements, and different types of compounds. Those will increase in value so they will definitely be rewarded for holding.

Jeffry, [17/11/2021 14:16]
Is your platform a global or is there any restriction to certain regions?

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:27]
[In reply to Jeffry]
Our platform aims to reach global awareness and capitalize different industries, such as sci fi fans, crypto enthusiasts, gamers and much more. So the answer is yes, we are going global!

Marcelene, [17/11/2021 14:16]
Can you please explain what are the advantages of using your Platform and is it friendly for beginners like me?

Michael P, [17/11/2021 14:28]
[In reply to Marcelene]
There are no other platforms doing what we are doing :)
What we’re building is unique and rare, as our virtual Moon NFTs are a super limited resource that will grant holders acces to some amazing things to come.

Inol Granero, [17/11/2021 14:29]
Thank you for answering questions from our community. Before the end of the AMA, would you like to give an opinion to our Community?

Damien (never DM first), [17/11/2021 14:31]
Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful community, you had some great questions! and as I promised I will post our presentation video here, and hopefully you will join our journey to the Cosmic Metaverse


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