ElonTweet: Shape-Shifting Meme Token Leads us into 2022 with an Impressive Start

What is ElonTweet?

With an eye towards true innovation, coupled with a deep passion for cutting edge technology the ElonTweet team have laid the foundation for all to follow in 2022. They understand that investors today are no longer investing in the same copy-cat meme coins of yesterday, but are looking for innovation, talent, and transparency. They have answered this call and their community will lead the next generation as they continually evolve from name to name. Powered by a finely tuned contract ElonTweet at its core is a Hyper-Deflationary token employing a Buy Back mechanism with 3% of each transaction going towards a Buy Back and Burn. 2% of each transaction goes to Liquidity and the final 5% to marketing ensuring the projects continued success. Aside from laying the grounds for a realistic roadmap, ElonTweet is very much a community-driven project with a strong ethical status on their project and long term goals. The developer and team have worked tirelessly to build a community of investors focused on the long-term future of the project, enjoying evergreen charts from Elon’s Tweets, whilst being involved in the development of their web presence and advertising strategies. The team have proven that do not shy away from a challenge, so be prepared to see new features added as they go alongside a Bridge on the Ethereum Network and an Elon themed Play to Earn crypto game to keep right on trend as per their roadmap.

Look at that Chart… crazy buying pressure and ready for the next leg up!

Is this a SAFE project?

● Always check the BSC contract is correct since the token name will continually change 0x6f69c8ce98063b4ff3f3bd61f48f0b85a98fe243

● Not financial advice. Be sure to do your own due diligence.

What makes ElonTweet stand out among the crowd?


Contact them directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Chart | Buy |

Binance Smart Contract:

Keep your eye on $ElonTweet… this is one to watch!



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